Puppy Training Bundle

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Safely assists with house training and marking. Safe for puppies. Safely assists with house training, marking and chewing Puppy Training Bundle with Stop Chew and Stop Pee Training Sprays Gentle on your pet, and our planet Use the training bundle to help your puppy learn the rules of the house. The Bundle includes our popular Stop Chew surface spray that gently and safely repels your puppy’s nose. Derived from plant-based ingredients, specifically blended to displease your dog. The Training Bundle also includes our Stop Pee Training Spray to assist house training by spraying in the pee spot you do not want your dog to return to. Use in combination with a managed training program. Praise and reward your dog when it pees in the correct location. Repeat spray and rewards over 7-14 days. Directions 1. Remove the dog from area before applying. 2. Shake the bottle and spray the area you want your dog to avoid. 3. Allow the area to dry before your dog returns. 4. Reward and praise your dog when peeing in the correct areas. 5. Repeat spray on the same spots daily for up to 14 days. NOTE: Do not spray on animals. Store in a cool dark place. Ingredients Powerful botanical ingredients Uplifting fresh scent for humans Deterrent scent for dogs. Vegan Made in Australia. Bottle made from 100% Recycled Plastic Please remove the trigger before placing the bottle in recycling. The bottle is fully recyclable. Triggers can be re-used. Warnings/Precautions TEST BEFORE USE: 1. Test small hidden areas for colourfastness. Every surface is different and can react to cleaning products. 2. Wait 5 minutes and dab with a paper towel, leave to dry for one hour. 3. If colour is removed, bleeds or stain remains DO NOT USE this product on the surface. DO NOT USE ON WOOL, LEATHER, SUEDE, SILK, VENEER OR UNTREATED HARDWOOD AS MAY DISCOLOUR OR STAIN WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Store with Trigger Locked. Avoid eye contact with both humans and animals. In case of contact with eyes, flush several times with clean water. If swallowed seek medical advice. Store in a cool dark place. …


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