Snooza Multimat Chinchilla


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Super Soft Quilted PlushMat – fitspopular crate sizes andSnooza raised beds Fully washable go-anywhere mat; perfect for crate, floor, car and home. Multimat Chinchilla Our Australian MadeCalmingMulitmat is the perfect all-round versatile mat.Featuring the same material as our Calming Cuddler beds, theCalming Multimatwas designed to snuggly fit all popular crate sizes, especially the Snooza 2 in 1 Convertible Training Crate. Using the same principle as the Calming Cuddler bed, the texture of the soft faux furhelps to calm pets, as they loveto snuggle into the fibres, making it helpful for anxious pets. It’s afantastic go-anywhere multi-purpose mat – for thefloor, crate, puppy training, in the caror on vacation. On the inside, thick wadding made from recycled PET is encased in the plush fabric and then notched to keep it in place. We’ve added hook and looptabs at each corner to fit all Snooza Raised Beds, which stops it from sliding around, and best of all, the entire matis fully machine washable. If you’re looking to use yourCalmingMultimat on one of our raised beds, simply choose the mat one size up from the bed,eg. amedium Multimat fits a smallOriginal Dog Bed, Fleaproofer or Flea-Free Dog Bed;a large Multimat fits amedium raised bed, etc. Polyester plush cover Insert made with recycled PET wadding Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Soft faux-fur plush calming cover Perfect for crates Great for travellingMachine washable Reversible and versatile Fits all Snooza Raised Beds and Training Crates We only use fill fibres made from recycled PET (drink bottles) We will repair your bed to make it last longer


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