Snooza Plant


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Naturally encourages activity. Naturally encourages activity. Plant-Based Catnip Play Spray Feline friends can feel sleepy and disconnected and often need a little pep me up /encouragement to be active and feel they belong to their home. Snooza Catnip Play Spray is produced from high quality ingredients using a slow process to create a refined pure catnip spray. Safely diluted with pure water and made to suit all types of cats. Perfect to apply to toys, scratching posts and bedding. Attracting your cat to interact and exercicse. Designed to be easily sprayed on See TEST before USE intructions on bottle. Free from harsh chemicals. Directions 1. Shake bottle well before use. 2. Hold spray 20–25cm away and apply a light mist to either toys, scratching posts or bedding. 3. Monitor your cat’s reactions. 4. Apply every 1-2 weeks or as desired. NOTE: Cats of reproductive age are more sensitive to the aroma than kittens or older cats. Store in cool dark place. Ingredients Encourages active play and deters destructive behaviour. Natural fresh scent Made in Australia. Bottle made from 100% Recycled Plastic Please remove trigger before placing bottle in recycle. Bottle is fully recyclable. Trigger can be re-used. Warnings/Precautions TEST BEFORE USE: 1. Test small hidden area for colourfastness. Every surface is different and can react to cleaning products. 2. Wait 5 minutes and dab with paper towel, leave to dry for one hour. 3. If colour is removed, bleeds or stain remains DO NOT USE this product on surface. DO NOT USE ON WOOL, …


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