Snooza Cooling Comfort Blanket


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All new cooling fabric to keep your pet cool All new cooling fabric to keep your pet cool Cooling Comfort Blanket in Powder Grey, Nylon Polyethylene blend fabric. Ournew Cooling ComfortBlanket uses alightweight blend of quilted fabric tokeep your loved ones cool. Thisnew fabric (ablend of Nylon and polyethene)has temperature-regulating properties and uses breathable, bacteria and odour-resistant fabric. This fabric wicks away moisture, helping to keep your pet cool. Made with soft, furnishing grade, machine washable materials 2 sizes – for small and even larger dogs. For measurements please see the size chart below. Nylon and Polyethylene. Machine washable Warm machine wash 40 degrees C Line dry is best but can be tumble-dried on low heat Do not iron Do not dry clean Do not bleach. Keeping your best friend safe and cool Cosy for comfort and relaxation Can rest comfortably in any locationContemporary fabrics to suit most modern homes Fully machine washable Enduring, high-quality workmanship Non-toxic BPA and PVC free Repairable with the Snooza Repair Service Save a Bed program


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