Snooza Calming Ortho Bed Mink


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Australian Orthpaedic mattress with a calming long-pile plush cover Australian Orthpaedic mattress with a calming long-pile plush cover Calming Ortho Bed Mink The Snooza calming Ortho Bed is an orthopaedic mat, designed for dogs who like to sprawl out or curl up. It’s covered in a calming, luxurious long-pile shag, which is the same used as Snooza’s best-selling Calming Cuddler bed, which pets absolutely love, and is also suitable for all types of dogs, whether they like to sprawl out or curl up, helping them to relax with the soothing fabric and supportive base. It’s especially good for dogs suffering from hip and joint problems, or post-surgery. The Australian orthopaedic foam base is designed to disperse the weight of your pet and reduce pressure points. It provides comfort, protection from hard floors, and because it’s low it’s easy to get on and off. The Ortho Bed features the Snooza sleep system. The covers are easily removable and replaceable; the Australian foam base is replaceable; covers are fully washable; and like all Snoozas, this bed is built to last. It’s made with superior grade fabrics, and also comes with Snooza’s famous repair service, prolonging the life of your bed. The Ortho Bed Is available in two sizes, suitable for dogs that are small through to large. Lightweight and portable, you can move this bed about easily both around the house and in the car. Non-slip pads are adhered to the base for wooden or tiled floors. The cover is removable and machine washable. It is also replaceable and repairable. Foam can be spot cleaned and is also replaceable. PolyesterCover Australian Foam Remove cover before washing Cover Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Foam Spot clean only. The Snooza Calming Orthobed OurOrthobed presented by Dr Katrina Warren Convoluted foam mattress for orthopaedic support Plush top to optimise pet comfort Great for post-surgery, mobile imparied or eldery petsRemovable and machine washable cover Modern colours and fabrics Replaceable orthopeadic foam Replaceable covers We only use Australian made convoluted foam Repairable by the Snooza Repair Service


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