Snooza Calming Futon Silver Fox


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Reversible, luxurious calming faux-fur mattress Reversible, luxurious calming faux-fur mattress Calming Futon -Silver Fox Snooza’s iconic Pet Futon now comes with this luxurious, reversible, calming faux-fur cover. Offering the ultimate in versatility and comfort for your pet with the super-softSilver Fox long pile shag, orChinchilladeep plush. The cover is easily removable for washing or replacing with any of our other Pet Futon covers. The Futon inner mattress is filled with Australian wool blended with recycled PET, cased in anti-allergy organic cotton, and is also fully machine washable. This is a lightweight bed, easy to move around to your pet’s favourite snoozing locations, and ideal for the car or weekends away. They also fit our raised beds such as the Flea-Free Raised Bed or Original Dog Bed. Made in Australia to last with enduring fabrics and workmanship, and comes with our Snooza Repair Service. *Please note: Due to the nature of the two-stage dyeing process, some shade/colour variations and markings may occur. Polyester Long-Pile Shag Outer Cover Organic Cotton Mattress Cover Australian Wool Blend Batt Remove cover before washing As this product contains wool andorganiccotton, much like your own bedding, it’s important to air it out regularly. This is particularly important during winter or damp weather as wool naturally draws and stores moisture from the surrounding air. Cover Warm hand or gentle cycle machine wash 40?. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Inner (wool blend mattress) Gentle machine wash on a wool cycle only. Cool tumble dry or line dry. Air in the sun regularly. Luxurious calming faux-fur cover Reversible long-pile shag or short-pile plush Naturally flea resistant inner Futon mattressModern colour palette to suit most modern interiors Removable and replaceable covers Fully machine washable We only use fill fibres made from recycled PET (drink bottles) We only use Australian made foams Repairable with the Snooza Repair Service The Snooza Organic Pet Futon Our iconic Pet Futon presented by Dr Katrina Warren


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