Snooza Travel Bed + Mat Bundle

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Portable luxurious travel bed + mat, providing a calming space within the car and at any location Purchasetogetherand save 20%! TravelBundle Travel Bed This stylishTravelBed is perfect for nervous travellers, calming them with a comfortable, familiar space of their own whilst travelling in the car. It has a dual function – both a travel bed in the car and a portable bed for use at your destination, eg. outdoors or on vacation. The padded walls and calming plush cushion make a cosy, comforting space for your dog. The cushion is reversible, with chinchilla faux-fur or water-resistant sides to choose from depending on the need. The bed body is made from good quality high-density polyester which is water-resistant and tear-resistant while protecting your car seats. TheTravel Bed features two adjustable, positional straps to hold the chair in place. The back strap loops around the car chair and the top strap loops around the headrest. *IMPORTANT: Please note this Snooza travel bed is not a safety device. Dog should be attached by a harness to the seatbelt for the safety of the animal and the driver. Travel Mat The Travel Mat is perfect for on the move pets and owners- making it easy to go anywhere such as parks, cafes or vacation. It is made with upholstery-grade, deep-piled faux fur with contemporary hard-wearing exterior designed to be long-lasting, be washed, repaired and re-homed. The plush upper side is calming, providing a comfortable and familiar destination for your pet when away from home. Bed 100% polyester outer and poly fill 100% polyester long-pile plush (cushion) Mat 100% polyester Furnishing grade fabrics *Please note: Due to the nature of the two-stage dyeing process, some shade/colour variations and markings may occur. Bed Cushion cover and fill Warm machine wash cushion 30C° …


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