Snooza Original Dog Bed Cover


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The replacement cover for the Original Snooza Dog Bed. The replacement cover for the Snooza Original Dog Bed The Original Dog Bed Replacement Cover The replacement cover for our Original Snooza Dog Bed. The cover is made from brand new jute, and the natural give it provides makesit ideal for senior or larger dogs. If the cover ever gives too much, a hose down and some time in the sun will return its shape. For extra comfort, you can use the Jute Mat with an Australian foam insert. The jute mat coverSewing Kit is sold separately and can be used if you need to change the cover (although the cover will work just as well without stitching it closed if you prefer).At the end of its life, the jute mat is compostable or can be used as a weed mat in your garden bed, Jute cover Simply hose down the cover. A mixture of detergent and water (as above) can be used if required (please make sure to rinse thoroughly). Dry in the sun. Sleep solutions to suit all breeds, sizes and sleep needs Fibres and foams carefully selected to optimise pet comfort Over 30 years of pet comfort expertiseDesigner colours and fabrics to suit most modern home decor Washable covers and inners on most products Designed and built to last We only use fill fibres made from recycled PET (drink bottles) We only use Australian made foams We will repair your bed to make it last longer


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