Snooza Cuddler Cover Set Silver Fox


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A set of Silver Fox replacement covers for ourCuddler! Includes CalmingSilver Fox Body Coverand Cushion Cover Cuddler Cover Set-Silver Fox The replacement body cover and cushion cover set for ourSoothing and Calming CuddlerinluxuriousSilver Fox, two-tone long pilefauxfur. Give your older cuddlera new lease onwith this luxurious set. Body cover and cushion cover are not available for purchaseseparately. *Please note: Due to the nature of the two-stage dyeing process, some shade/colour variations and markings may occur. Polyester Cover Remove cover before washing. Warm machine wash 40. Cool tumble dry. We recommend washing separately, closing all zips and using a laundry bag to prevent damage in the wash. Sleep solutions to suit all breeds, sizes and sleep needs Fibres and foams carefully selected to optimise pet comfort Over 30 years of pet comfort expertiseDesigner colours and fabrics to suit most modern home decor Washable covers and inners on most products Designed and built to last We only use fill fibres made from recycled PET (drink bottles) We only use Australian made foams We will repair your bed to make it last longer


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